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Enchanted screaming AHHHHHH!!!!

This article contains bullying which may be scary for children under 10 years of age. Reader discretion is recommended.

But Mythical could handle it...

– Storyline from Jamaa Disaster

Mythical Coolwolf
Fast facts
Age 21 years
Gender Female ♀
Species Wolf
Occupation Pony warrior, coder
Color Red
Status Alive
Physical Attributes
Skin color Pink
Height 5 Feet
Speed 5 Miles Per Hour
Personal Info
Nickname Missy, Mexico, Mythical Superruler
Favorite Food Chicken

Mythical is a female red wolf who is the leader of the PPL squad and the protagonist of all Animal Jam projects. She is also the mascot and persona of PrincessPandaLover and the most well known of all characters.


Mythical is a sleek, young female wolf which has red fur and pink skin. Although she doesn't exercise much, she runs faster than an average wolf.


Mythical is somewhat naive since she shouts a lot and draws toddler-style art. However, she is really brave and can meet up with enemies up to 40 feet tall.

Fictional biographyEdit

Mythical was born in 1981 in Crystal Sands[1] and moved to Appondale a year later. At the age of 3, she met a pink bunny known as Enchanted and was also born in Crystal Sands. They became fast friends.

At the age of 6, her parents adopted another wolf[2] who was also named Mythical but had a different last name, "Shiverspirit". Since she was older, she often bullied Mythical Coolwolf and made her life miserable. After 3 months of bullying, Mythical Coolwolf escapes and opts into playing with Enchanted. Her family even Mythical Shiverpirit worried that she'll never interact and know with them.

To be continued...


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